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 Evaluations are a 2-day Process!

May 16th & 17th from 6:30pm - 8:30pm

When you arrive for evaluations, you will check in with your athlete’s name. Each athlete will be given a number that you will wear during evaluations.

There are two forms that need to be printed, filled out completely, and brought in with you to evaluations to hand over at the check in desk. You will not be allowed to try out if these forms are not filled out prior.

​Double Team Interest: If you are interested in being on more than one cheer team at Golden Elite All Stars, please talk this over PRIOR to evaluation day, and notify us on the attached forms. There is the extra expense of crossover competition fees, plus $50 extra per month for the 2nd team tuition (due to organization fees), as well as additional costs for choreography and music. Double-teaming is a great opportunity for many athletes to perfect their skills throughout the season.

Selection Process

​There are many factors taken into consideration when forming our full season teams. We are looking at the athlete’s skills such as tumbling, jumps, stunts, etc. We are assessing whether the athlete is best suited in a position of base, backspot or flyer. One of our main focuses at GEA, is to look for leaders. We want our athletes to demonstrate a strong work ethic, discipline, and passion. We are not just looking to help raise strong cheerleaders. We are looking to train positive role models for the sport and our community.

What we are not looking for, are cheerleaders who don’t want to be here or don’t take this sport seriously. Sitting around at tryouts and or practices, rolling your eyes, or presenting a poor attitude or inability to work within a team may result in you not being placed with a team at Golden Elite Allstars.

Also, understand, we want to see skills you are confident with. Coaches will not spot you on tumbling skills. If you cannot throw the skill with confidence, consistency, and clean technique, we cannot count that towards your evaluations. Do what you know you can do well.


​Results will be posted on the website the day after evaluations. You may also receive an email about your athlete’s level placements. Please be sure to look thru all the lists. If you see an * asterisk next to your name, you need to look for multiple teams. Please keep in mind, you are trying out to be a member of Golden Elite Allstars… not a particular team. Athletes do move up or down within teams and skill levels throughout the season based off their performance, this is not uncommon. If you are only trying out to be a member of Team “so and so” then you may want to reconsider joining our cheer family. Placement on teams is not up for discussion or debate. If you would like to know what your athlete needs to do to progress to a higher-level team at some point in the season, we will be happy to speak with you, but we will not discuss other athletes or why your athlete did not make “such and such” team.

Tryout ( Evaluations) Packet for the 23-24 season (CLICK HERE)

*This packet may be modified if we need to make minor changes

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